Is the New Million Dollar Superintendent Breaking District Policy?

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Did Jeffco’s new superintendent, Jason Glass, follow district policy when he recommended a list of websites and articles as “learning resources” for all K-12 teachers to use when teaching about the Charlottesville incident?   

Did he follow “District Policy IJ”which says that all recommended instructional resources for elementary, middle and senior high schools will be updated and submitted to the Board of Education for approval, and that the viewpoints of citizens, staff and students will be considered in the review/recommendation process? Did he include a multi-step process in which major support resources are evaluated through public comment and three committees?  No, he did not. 

Were citizens’ viewpoints considered when making these curriculum selections?  And how many Jeffco parents were notified of the exact list of resources that Superintendent Glass has recommended? If you would like to see Superintendent Glass’s new curriculum resource guide, it is listed below. To access the entire list, please click on Glass’s onedrive link.

Jason Glass’s Recommended Resources for Responding to Hate Crimes and Incidents of Hate

The first thing teachers should do when school starts is talk about hatred in America.  – Washington Post

Why Talk About Whiteness? By Emily Chiariello Summer 2016

Southern Poverty Law Center

NEA Today

Teaching Tolerance

Anti-Defamation League

Educational Resources

Blog about the recent ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, VA with advice about what the teachable moments are including providing a historical context, understanding the alt-right, the First Amendment and promoting respect, equity and justice.

Strategies and advice for talking with young people about race and racism.

Strategies and resources for talking with students about important stories in the news about bias and injustice.

A guide for educators and families that provide the tools they need to help young people confront hate effectively in the aftermath of hate violence or terrorism in their community.

From Books Matter, a collection of books about race and racism including biography/history, racism, slavery and racial pride.

Relevant Lesson Plans and Curriculum Resources

Facing History and Ourselves

Articles For Educators

On Twitter, the hashtag: #CharlottesvilleCurriculum  is a curated place for sharing curriculum for addressing what happened the weekend of August 13th.

One thought on “Is the New Million Dollar Superintendent Breaking District Policy?

  1. The FBI stopped using the Southern Poverty Hate Center two years ago because of the illegitimate way the SPLC decides what a “hate” group is (a group that does not agree with their progressive views). The SPLC incites violence (as Floyd Corkins explained after he shot a Family Research Council employee). But this Glass joker wants to pretend that they’re legitimate.

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