$1B and No Interest in Student Achievement

Not a clean slate but a return to status quo

In their first meeting the new Jeffco school board laid out their priorities. Teacher compensation appeared to be the number one interest of all five new school board members. Tied for second were restoring trust and communicating that there are not enough resources. None of this should be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention for the last decade. Status-quo, union-backed boards have consistently wanted more money and less accountability. So it should also not be surprising that absent from their agenda setting was any conversation about student achievement. Continue reading

Is Michael Bloomberg the real money man behind the Jeffco Recall?

BloombergA recent Denver Post op-ed piece written by Michael Vaughn cheered the recall of the outgoing Jeffco board majority. Michael Vaughn works for Education Post, a nonprofit headed by Emma Bloomberg. Emma Bloomberg is the eldest daughter of former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

Education Post’s stated mission is to bring more civility and accuracy to the polarizing debates over public education and yet Vaughn, the Director of Communication, in his op-ed, fans the flames of partisan politics in school board elections.

Is Michael Bloomberg the money behind the Michael Vaughn rant?

Bloomberg has already spent millions to influence public education policy in Colorado.  Did Jeffco voters just experience a huge sleight of hand as the recall supporters screamed “don’t let the Koch brothers take over Jeffco” while in fact electing a Michael Bloomberg-backed school board?  

Here is what we have learned: Continue reading

All Jeffco Students Deserve Equal Funding

ronmitchellSchool board member elect Ron Mitchell has begun saying maybe equal isn’t equal. He is the same person who claimed, while a candidate, that Jeffco was “on the brink of greatness” in 2012 despite having two high schools at which less than 10% of the 10th graders tested proficient in math. He has a strange definition of greatness, and he may have a strange definition of what it means to fund students whose needs are best met in a Jeffco public charter school. Continue reading